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Healing and Empowerment for Women


It’s time to mail off four quarts of Beads of Courage.

I went over each bead this morning with great care. I put a few beads to the side that needed sanding to protect little fingers from sharp edges. I sanded those smooth; there were only about ten with rough edges.


Here they are, all ready to take to the package store.

Beads of Courage, if you don’t know, are beads to be given to  kids with cancer, every time they have a needle stick or other procedure. Or when they achieve a milestone like remission.

Sixty hospitals in the US participate in this program.

If you make beads of any kind, you might want to check out . Click on “Artists” to find out the very simple requirements for making beads for the kids.

I make some beads just for the kids. I also turn ALL of my scrap clay into beads at the end of each clay day. I developed a “Stroppel smush” technique to do this. I’ll do a post about how to do this in the very near future. I’ve made some wonderful, colorful beads this way. I know the kids will be crazy about them.

I also pray over each bead. I pray for complete and total healing of the child who will chose the bead.


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