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Monthly Archives: May 2013


Intrepid readers will remember this pendant from a previous post.

I made it from the trimmings of the Cherry Blossom necklace that was featured on Craft Gossip last week. I used a technique called the Stroppel cane, a wonderful technique invented by Alice Stroppel to recycle beautiful clay. Most people lay their beautiful scraps on sheets of black clay, but since my scraps were all translucent clay, I used a very thin layer of “18K Gold” Premo clay for my base.

I posted this to the Stroppel Cane Group on Flickr. This morning Alice Stroppel stopped by and said this: “Wow, I’ve never seen a Stroppel cane like this. It is really special, so light and pretty”. Then she favorited it!

Blushing and smiling.


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In a recent post I mentioned studying Alice Stroppel’s innovative technique for using scrap clay, cane ends and old canes to build beautiful new canes.

I harvested the trimmings from my Cherry Blossom necklace to make the pink necklace and earrings, above. I used pale Premo “18K Gold” sheets to put my scraps on, instead of the black that Alice uses. The clay trimmings were all translucent and I wanted this pendant and earrings to pass light freely. I used some apricot freshwater pearls to push the pinky-orange theme. I built a tiny armature inside of the pendant to hold the pearls.

I made the blue necklace from the trimmings of my barflies, using blue clay sheets. The wing cane put bubbles of white-rimmed translucent clay all through the new cane. That inspired me to use oval pearls to echo the translucent ovals in the cane.

I am tickled at how they turned out.

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This morning I added the wires that will allow my barflies to attach to wine glasses as drink markers.

Here is their portrait!

The barflies on the left glass are “regular bugs”. The barflies on the right are the fireflies.

The second photo shows the fireflies in dim light,  all lit up. I made their last three segments from glow in the dark clay.

You knew I was a science nerd, right? I studied the morphology of real fireflies before I made them.

Aren’t they a hoot!?!

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This Rainbow All-Day Lollipop pendant and earrings evokes the joy, the excitement and the nostalgia of County Fairs and Carnivals.

I had a blast making it from Polymer Clay. I just listed it on my Etsy Shop. $29.00. FREE SHIPPING.

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This morning brought chocolate that wasn’t and then was, and a mention of my work in Craft Gossip.

First things first. Chocolate. There was a huge free tasting of chocolate this morning. From 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. at an outdoor venue in Downtown Dallas. I planned to go, wearing one of my gingko pendants with matching earrings as a walking billboard. Did I mention that we’d be filmed on TV?

Well, to be honest, I wanted the chocolate, too.

At bedtime I checked the weather report. Uh Oh! Thunderstorms all night. I cancelled my plans for the chocolate tasting.

This morning, even though chocolate is not just for breakfast any more, I had to have chocolate. La Madeleine was one of the chocolate tasting vendors I’d missed this morning so I went there and got a chocolate croissant and a slice of Sacher Torte. Mmmm.

When I got to work I had an email from a polymer clay friend, Marilyn. My Cherry Blossom necklace was featured on the FRONT PAGE of Craft Gossip! Check it out. I am so so honored.

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I’ve continued to make a few new “barflies” every evening.

These are the ones I have made so far. I am making an extra of each one for a gift.

I ordered the eye pins that will let me attach them to the memory wire that will complete them as drink markers today.

In the upper left corner you can see the wing cane I made. Next to it, it is tiny, is the eye cane for the bug eyes.

This has been a blast. I grin the whole time I make these. I made six more Beads of Courage with the scraps from todays barfly-a-thon.

BTW, I just got an email from Beads of Courage. They received my beads today and all 415 of them are OK to be given to kids. Yes! I admit I was a little worried.

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I have been a busy little Etsy bee, posting items I’ve made recently.

This is a necklace called Cherry Blossoms, which commemorates the short season when cherry petals fill the air: pink rain season.

I innovated a technique where I put polymer clay lenses on the surface of the bead to allow the viewer to see the pink clay in the center of the bead.

I love how they turned out.

There are Apple Blossoms, Pear Blossoms, Plum Blossoms, Peach Blossoms and two other similar items: Caribbean Dive and Heart of a Flower.

I hope you will hop over and take a look at them

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