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Healing and Empowerment for Women


It was one of those weekends with little pressing on me.

This morning I got the idea of making a flag cane to put little flags on beads.

First I made the stars, adapting a technique I learned at the North Texas Polymer Clay Guild last month. Randee Ketzel of Austin taught us to make a Snowflake Jade cane. You can see my star cane on the left.

Then I made some stripes and reduced the star cane to fit into its place on the flag. You can see my flag cane second from the left.

I reduced my flag cane by half to fit onto my beads and then cut wafer thin slices to go onto beads for Beads of Courage, ( (reducing the cane means making its cross section smaller; the cane gets longer in that process)

I made about 50 flag beads all told, praying for the kids with cancer who would be receiving my beads all the while.

It’s time to mail the beads I’ve accumulated off to Beads of Courage. I have 3+ quart of beads in Mason jars.



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