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Healing and Empowerment for Women


Last night I found a wonderful free tutorial on making tubular beads. I immediately saw the use of these for Beads of Courage. This morning, after a dance with my cleaning muse (I cleaned the bathroom), I sat down to make tubular beads in wild and wacky colors. It was a hoot.

Then I turned to making beads of stacks of colors that pleased me. Finally I made another two canes of four leafed clovers and used one to make the bowl of green beads in the photo.

I used up all of my scrap clay making these beads. It was very freeing to use it for good.

I prayed over every bead.

I am storing the beads in quart Mason jars until I mail them to Beads of Courage. I have three quarts of beads ready to go.

It is so interesting to me that I don’t get tired when I make beads for kids with cancer.

Here’s the tutorial I used for the tubular beads:

Now I have to make a blueberry buckle for a church supper.


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