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Healing and Empowerment for Women


Well, the cleaning muse left me right after I wrote my earlier post. Back to the clay!

I decided to make some Beads of Courage, for kids with cancer.

I had made a four leafed clover “cane” of polymer clay the other day. I am a baby cane-r. This one was a simple jellyroll of many colors of green clay, pressed in four places toward the center with a blunt edge. Almost every layer of the cane had mica, a shiny mineral, in it, to make it twinkle.

I used a “tissue knife”, a polymer clay tool borrowed from pathologists, to cut paper thin slices of the four leaf clover cane.

I mixed up some green clay and added green glitter to it. I then made balls of the clay; these would become the beads. I applied two slices of the cane to each ball and rolled it in my hands to meld the slices into the balls. I let them rest a while and then pierced each one to make a hole for stringing.

I held each bead in my hand before I placed it on the parchment paper and prayed earnestly for the healing of the child who would claim my bead as her own.

All 32 of the fresh baked prayer beads will be going to Beads of Courage, a group that gives kids with cancer a handmade bead every time they have a needle stick or other procedure.

I have been making Beads of Courage from my scrap clay and from my learning clay when I am exploring a new technique. Sometimes I just sit down to make beads for the kids, like today.

If you are a clay-er I hope you will go to and click on “Artists” and see how easy it is to donate beads. I hope  you will begin to make some beads for these deserving kids. Just use your scrap clay at the end of the day, or if you like,  just sit down and make some beads for kids with cancer.


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