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Healing and Empowerment for Women


A few weeks ago, I accepted the challenge of Jeanne K. Dukic ( to take one of her unsold pieces of jewelry and do it over into something new.

Jeanne sent me the necklace in the first picture. When I disarticulated it, I had the components you see in the second photo.

I was really flummoxed! The components were far from the components I ordinarily use. Finally a design began to emerge after many nights of sleeping on it. I began to see a bib-style necklace with earrings to match. I painted the silvery items with copper paint. Some needed six coats! I ordered some large copper colored aluminum jump rings, large enough to link  the rings.

I already had on hand the copper partial necklace,  copper chain and wire. I also had a supply of copper Swarovski pearls.

Finally I screwed up my courage and sat down to create. As is usual, my brilliant plan had to change to accommodate the reality of the components.

You can see my final design in the third photo.

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