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Last Sunday I made more moon disks, this time they were dawn themed. They came out meltingly beautiful.

The first one here is called “Abalone Dawn” and the other, “When Morning Gilds the Sky”.

I mixed the dawn colors from translucent clay, tinting it and adding some pearl clay. I ran each color through my pasta machine ten times to line up the mica particles to double the iridescence, then marbled the dawn colors.

The pendants have incredible depth. I have to keep touching them to be sure the surface is flat, in spite of the fact that the surfaces are polished to a glassy sheen and are quite flat.

“When Morning Gilds the Sky”, is made from two layers of marbled clay. You can see the bottom layer of iridescence through the surface clay.

I uploaded these and four more to my Etsy shop just now. They are $20 each with free shipping.

I uploaded these two and six more


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