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Gravy is a breeze the way I make it. It is filled with many, many layers of flavor and it is gluten free.

I start with about four cups of diced vegetables. I used three stalks of celery, a medium onion and three good sized carrots on Easter for my six pound chicken. I drizzled the veggies with olive oil and laid the bird on top. I rubbed unsalted butter into the chicken’s skin. I roasted the bird, turning the pan once during cooking for even browning. I didn’t need to baste.

When the chicken was done, I removed it to a plate. I pushed the vegetables around in the pan to absorb all of the browned bits. Then I put the contents of the pan in my blender and whizzed it up until it was fairly smooth.

That’s it.

Gravy made this way is ample, wonderfully thick and it is divinely multi-layered with flavor. The pan drippings, the aromatic vegetables, the browned parts of the vegetables, the olive oil, the butter.

I just finished the last of it tonight, poured over the last of the white meat of the chicken. Mmmmm!


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