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Healing and Empowerment for Women


This is one of the polymer clay bunnies that I make for my patients who are over-functioning, i.e., hopping in there with their two cents.

Intrepid readers of this blog will note that this bunny is a.) made from the scrap clay from “A Day of Clay” and 2.) the technique is identical to that used when making bunny dinner rolls, “Fresh Baked Easter Bunnies”.

You could take a weekend workshop to understand co-dependency, but I can give it to you in two words: under-funtioning and over-functioning. The addict under- functions and those around the addict begin to over-function to take up the slack.

Unfortunately over-functioning undermines your mental health. A LOT.

I make these bunnies to remind my patients not to hop in there with their two cents. I suggest that they place two copper pennies in front of the rabbit to remind them of this. I also suggest that they go to Al-Anon.

These bunnies have been wildly popular with my patients. They surprise me by always choose the marbled ones over the plain ones (you can see the pink ones and the white ones in an earlier post). They put them where they most need this reminder. With two cents. Which they keep.


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