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I made these beads during a day of clay a week ago. I’ve been musing and musing about how to string them. I even ordered some Mystic Black Swarovski Pearls to go with them.

Last night I was Etsy-ing, my favorite form of surfing, and I saw some polymer beads strung on ball chain.


I had been stuck in the knot-the-beads-onto-silk-thread mode.

I pulled down my roll of quarter inch silk ribbon. To make a “needle” I snipped the head off of a 26 gauge headpin and bent a third of it back onto the shaft of the decapitated headpin. I strung the beads onto the silk ribbon and knotted it so that it would slip over my head.

I am thrilled with how it came out.

I am also thrilled that it only took five minutes to string the beads! The last time I knotted a stand of Swarovski pearls onto silk thread it took 70 minutes.

I am tickled at what I learned. I ordered quarter inch silk ribbon in rose, white and champagne this morning. I am planning to make a dogwood blossom pendant whose edge is tipped with rose (strung on the rose silk); a white gardenia made with a large amount of translucent clay and a bit of white (strung on the white); a jonquil made with translucent clay and a bit of florescent yellow (probably strung on the white silk)…. matching earrings just might happen.

I developed a prototype faux ivory last week with layers of white, ecru and translucent clay. I plan to make some beads from this and string them on the champagne silk.

I can’t wait for my next clay day. I take Thursdays off as Mental Health Days, so maybe next Thursday.

Stay tuned.


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