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Healing and Empowerment for Women


This year I found myself aching with happiness over the coming of spring. I knew just which yards  had daffodils and where all of the peach trees are. I followed the progress of the Bradford pear buds and of the cherry trees in the medians near my home and office.

Before this year, I thought that I had decorated for the seasons for my daughter. As I watched the daffodils sprout, the buds swell and then bloom I realized that I had a deep-seated need to know the seasons and their unfolding, to follow this unfolding and to enjoy it.

The Japanese have 72 five-day seasons. They are geniuses at observing this unfolding. I once accepted the challenge of a haiku poet who was a visiting scholar at Harvard to create a calendar of 72 five-day seasons for North Texas, where I live. It took me three years to get it right.

It took me until this year to understand how deeply I needed  to observe the 72 five-day seasons.


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