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I accepted the challenge of Jeweler/Blogger Jeannie K. Kukic to participate in her 5th Annual Do Over Challenge. (

Jeannie sent me a piece of jewelry she’d made but had never been able to sell. I am to rework it using at least half of the components of the original item.

I’ll be posting my creation on the reveal date, April 21.

I am a minimalist sort of gal. I’ve worn the same simple gold bean at my throat for the last 35 years! I am rather overwhelmed by the task of creating something from these pieces! But I am already playing with them, moving them around, figuring out how six of these circles can go into a pair of earrings to go with the re-created necklace.

If I make earrings out of six of the rings, I only have to use 9 more of the rings in my design!

I am scared but I am courageous. I can do this.

Stay tuned.


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