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Healing and Empowerment for Women

photoToday I attended the meeting of the North Texas Polymer Arts Guild. We had an amazing workshop. We made beads for BEADS OF COURAGE, an organization that provides polymer clay beads to seriously ill children to mark milestones, procedures and acts of bravery. The beads allow the children to track and celebrate their progress and to get them through procedures. Beads of Courage serves 10,000 kids in 60 hospitals.

Some of the kids have beadstrings 10 feet long! The children read their beads like a book; each one has a unique and special meaning to the child.

We made about 300 beads today. What an honor and a privilege.

Here are some of the ones I made today. I used four metallic clays in these. The beads are a little under one inch in diameter.


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