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Healing and Empowerment for Women

The average woman cries three times a week.

I am an above average woman.

I love to cry.

I will cry on Easter morning, singing the hymns of that day. I cry when I hear about kind deeds, acts of great mercy and stories of great love.

Occasionally I will “catch” another person’s tears and cry with them. For this reason I have my own box of tissues in my Psychiatry office.

When I have a patient who has rediscovered crying after a long dry spell or one who has suffered a great loss, I give them the box of Kleenex beside the chair where they are sitting and give them permission to “cry up the whole box”.

Tears are a complex solution of sodium chloride (salt), potassium, manganese, prolactin (the nursing hormone), a stress hormone and a morphine-like compound. No surprises there. Tears happen at times of great emotion, at times of suffering, times of joy, times of compassion and times of

I encourage you to be an above average person and cry whenever it is right for you!




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