Come to the Table

My table is set for Easter dinner. I saw a photo of carrot napkins on this site and had to make them for our Easter dinner. I got some dinner sized orange napkins and an assortment of green pipe cleaners and put them together simply. I selected egg cups from my collection and placed orange […]

Fresh Baked Easter Bunnies

Do you make yeast rolls for Easter dinner? If so, you can make these bunnies in a heartbeat. Simply roll your yeast dough into ovals and allow them to rise. Just before baking, dip a toothpick into cooking oil and use it to make the eyes. Then take your kitchen scissors and made two snips […]

A Fresh-baked Rainbow

I have been crazy about rainbows since I was a little girl. In college I worked in a chemistry lab with a spectrophotometer. I’d peer down into the chamber and spin the wavelength wheel, watching every single hue of the rainbow go by. Yesterday I got a longing for a rainbow necklace. I wanted every […]

A Nod to the 70s

In a nod to the 70s and the Consciousness Raising movement, I have created a line of LadyFlowers looking at themselves in the mirror. This is my favorite. I’ve spent the morning photographing them. After lunch I’ll write the copy and then upload them to my Etsy shop LadyFlowersbySusan.

Silk Ribbon and Polymer Beads

I made these beads during a day of clay a week ago. I’ve been musing and musing about how to string them. I even ordered some Mystic Black Swarovski Pearls to go with them. Last night I was Etsy-ing, my favorite form of surfing, and I saw some polymer beads strung on ball chain. Lightbulb. […]


I had the most extraordinary day yesterday, devoid of desire, obedient in heart and mind and will. It started with a dream that I had died but that I was allowed to stay here in the flesh for 24 more hours. I have always said that I was living my life in a way that […]

A Culinary Adventure and Herbs

Today my daughter and I went on our annual herb shopping expedition. First though, we went to an Asian fusion restaurant, Mint, for lunch. The restaurant’s walls are emerald green, apropos of St. Patrick’s Day. Even the chopsticks are emerald green. I had Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp and tofu.  My daughter had three kinds […]

Peridot Pinch-proofing

Some months ago I saw a blue tassel toggle necklace in a catalog. For $690!!!!! I don’t wear blue and I wasn’t interested in spending that kind of money. I went to my rock shop and got a strand of peridots for $17. I already had the dainty toggle, the chain and the green silk. […]


This year I found myself aching with happiness over the coming of spring. I knew just which yards  had daffodils and where all of the peach trees are. I followed the progress of the Bradford pear buds and of the cherry trees in the medians near my home and office. Before this year, I thought […]

A Day of Clay

Yesterday was my day off and I played with polymer clay for several hours. Crafting is, I am convinced, what keeps me sane. These beads were some of my productions. I wanted to explore the technique that I’d learned last weekend at the North Texas Polymer Clay Guild for stacking colors in a bead. I […]