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Monthly Archives: March 2013


My table is set for Easter dinner.

I saw a photo of carrot napkins on this site and had to make them for our Easter dinner. I got some dinner sized orange napkins and an assortment of green pipe cleaners and put them together simply. I selected egg cups from my collection and placed orange plastic eggs at each place setting. Mr. and Mrs. Bunnykins came out of storage, as did my good plates and crystal.

On Easter, my daughter, her guy and I will roast a chicken on a bed of diced carrots, onions and celery drizzled with olive oil. The side dishes she’s making are not finalized, so I cannot report on them. I’ll make the bunny rolls from my previous post. We’ll top off dinner with Pavlovas, ethereal nests of meringue filled with lightly sugared strawberries and topped with a mountain of orange-scented whipped cream.

I can’t wait!


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Do you make yeast rolls for Easter dinner? If so, you can make these bunnies in a heartbeat.

Simply roll your yeast dough into ovals and allow them to rise. Just before baking, dip a toothpick into cooking oil and use it to make the eyes. Then take your kitchen scissors and made two snips above the eyes. The ears will pop up immediately. Bake as usual.

I made these with frozen pizza dough a few weeks ago and they were wonderful.

The kid in me giggled all through the process, including biting off the ears first!

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I have been crazy about rainbows since I was a little girl. In college I worked in a chemistry lab with a spectrophotometer. I’d peer down into the chamber and spin the wavelength wheel, watching every single hue of the rainbow go by.

Yesterday I got a longing for a rainbow necklace. I wanted every single pure hue in the rainbow. I played and played to get the gradations, starting with a measured scientific approach and ending up eyeballing it. I chose a deep orange-red for the spacer beads I made. Most of the rainbow beads have either red or yellow in them, and orange is the color complement to the blue in the others.

I strung it on silk ribbon. I plan to wear it to Prayer Ministry this afternoon. Fresh-baked from my oven.

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In a nod to the 70s and the Consciousness Raising movement, I have created a line of LadyFlowers looking at themselves in the mirror. This is my favorite. I’ve spent the morning photographing them. After lunch I’ll write the copy and then upload them to my Etsy shop LadyFlowersbySusan.

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I made these beads during a day of clay a week ago. I’ve been musing and musing about how to string them. I even ordered some Mystic Black Swarovski Pearls to go with them.

Last night I was Etsy-ing, my favorite form of surfing, and I saw some polymer beads strung on ball chain.


I had been stuck in the knot-the-beads-onto-silk-thread mode.

I pulled down my roll of quarter inch silk ribbon. To make a “needle” I snipped the head off of a 26 gauge headpin and bent a third of it back onto the shaft of the decapitated headpin. I strung the beads onto the silk ribbon and knotted it so that it would slip over my head.

I am thrilled with how it came out.

I am also thrilled that it only took five minutes to string the beads! The last time I knotted a stand of Swarovski pearls onto silk thread it took 70 minutes.

I am tickled at what I learned. I ordered quarter inch silk ribbon in rose, white and champagne this morning. I am planning to make a dogwood blossom pendant whose edge is tipped with rose (strung on the rose silk); a white gardenia made with a large amount of translucent clay and a bit of white (strung on the white); a jonquil made with translucent clay and a bit of florescent yellow (probably strung on the white silk)…. matching earrings just might happen.

I developed a prototype faux ivory last week with layers of white, ecru and translucent clay. I plan to make some beads from this and string them on the champagne silk.

I can’t wait for my next clay day. I take Thursdays off as Mental Health Days, so maybe next Thursday.

Stay tuned.

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I had the most extraordinary day yesterday, devoid of desire, obedient in heart and mind and will.

It started with a dream that I had died but that I was allowed to stay here in the flesh for 24 more hours.

I have always said that I was living my life in a way that I was always ready to move on to the next life. I found, yesterday, that this was true. I made sure that my daughter was aware of my “will” and suchlike, but except for that I hovered in quiet obedience to each moment.

It is interesting to me that yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, one of two days each year that the earth is inclined neither toward nor away from the sun. I spent the day inclined neither toward nor away from the next life. The earth and I were at the same place in our journeys.

I had a Near Death Experience at the end of my fifth year of life. I visited Heaven briefly and have been left with a strong homesickness for that place. I have no fear of death. Yesterday was a test of my obedience of heart, mind and will; obedience to stay here in peace until my mission is accomplished.

I’m still here. Life is good.

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Today my daughter and I went on our annual herb shopping expedition.

First though, we went to an Asian fusion restaurant, Mint, for lunch. The restaurant’s walls are emerald green, apropos of St. Patrick’s Day. Even the chopsticks are emerald green. I had Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp and tofu.  My daughter had three kinds of basil on her shopping list, so, of course she ordered Basil Chicken.  After a wonderful meal we headed to a nearby plant nursery.

I found the opal basil I was looking for. I love its dark purple leaves. It makes the most beautiful basil vinegar; it looks like rose wine. I got the last plant. I’ll have to root some for her herb garden when my opal basil gets bigger.  My daughter found the two other basils she wanted.

We ended visiting four nurseries in all. We found everything except her lemon grass. I ordered some from Amazon on my iPhone when she came out of the last nursery empty-handed.

I am grateful for the time spent with my daughter, for the meal we shared and for our 2013 herb gardens.

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